The Broken Adventure: Loot Mule

Dungeon crawl. Fight monsters. Loot. Drink. Repeat. This was the life cycle of an Adventurer. Many pitied them. Cooper envied them…

In the forgotten and ignored district of Roanoke city lies a tavern named, “The Drunkard’s Colic”. Hidden amongst the miserable huddle of huts and squalid settlements, the tavern has been claimed as the watering hole for many local Adventurers—what few remain, that is. And It is here that Cooper begins his journey as a meek keg-runner. For most, that is where their story would end.

But, fate intervenes and grants Cooper a chance opportunity with an adventuring party, who offer a one time-deal; carry their loot, earn some coin.

Fate is a cruel mistress though, and does not abide by the morality of men—and Cooper quickly learns that there are sinister things bubbling to the surface from under the seething underbelly of Roanoke city, and that he is at the centre of it all… either by demand, or duress.

Loot Mule is a Cosmic Horror story that dabbles with some Steampunk elements. It is also the first instalment of The Broken Adventure series.

  • Nominated for ‘Best GameLit Web-Serial’ – 2019

Loot Mule is currently being rewritten and is scheduled to resume normal scheduling in January 2020.