Loot Mule Synopsis

Dungeon crawl. Fight monsters. Loot. Drink. Repeat. This was the life cycle of a low-tier adventurer. Many pitied them. Cooper envied them.

Cooper begins his journey as a meek keg runner in his local tavern. Out of desperation, he takes a chance opportunity with an adventuring party for a one time deal. Carry their loot, earn some coin.

Fate intervenes, and Cooper discovers that he can use his cunning, wit and carrying capacity to trick adventurers out of their loot, eventually turning him into a powerful player in the seething underbelly of the city of Hiberia, pinning him directly against the Guild Oligarchs.

Otherworldly Synopsis

Corrupted fairies, wandering spirits, goblins, plagued beasts and creatures as old as the first dawn are all typical occurrences in the lands of Iournia.

It was a simple quest, Setanta thought. Find the goblin den, investigate, then eradicate. But, what he discovers is not what he would describe ‘typical.’ His quest has now evolved into a perennial headache, as he learns that these once passive prey have mysteriously gained intelligence — turning them into lethal and cunning creatures. What really worry’s him though, is that this next step in goblin evolution was by design and not of chance; leaving him to wonder what other beasts have been tampered with.