9-1-1 What’s Your Emergency?

The following is a transcript of the Jane Heaster 9-1-1 emergency call to the Greenbrier County sheriff’s office.

[Dispatch]: 9-1-1 what’s your emergency?
[Jane]:There’s someone outside, standing- standing at my front door.
[Dispatch]:Okay, ma’am, do you know this person? Is it a man or a woman?
[Jane]:No, I don’t. And- a man, I think.
[Dispatch]:Is he trying to break in?
[Jane]:No. I – I don’t know. I heard him knocking, and then there was a flashlight, I think, shining through my window. He’s just- he’s just standing there, muttering to himself. Saying something, I – I – I can’t quite hear…
[Dispatch]:Okay, ma’am, please calm down. What’s your name?
[Dispatch]:Miss Heaster, what’s your address?
[Dispatch]:Sorry – did you say, (REDACTED)?
(Heavy rapping can be heard in the background, along with a muffled male voice).
[Jane]:(In a hushed tone, sobbing): Leave me alone. Please, leave me alone.
[Dispatch]:Jane, listen to me. I’ve despatched an officer to your address. Where are you now?
[Jane]:I’m- I’m upstairs in the bedroom. I’ve kept the lights off. I… Oh my god.
[Dispatch]:Jane? Ma’am? What happened? Are you there?
[Jane]:Oh fuck. Oh my God. He saw me!
[Jane]:He saw me! He saw me looking through the window!
[Unknown Male]:(Distant voice): Open the door!
(Heavy rapping can be heard in the background).
[Jane]:(Shouting): Leave me alone!…
[Dispatch]:Jane? What’s happening?
[Jane]:… Leave me alone!
[Dispatch]:Stay on the line with me, Jane, okay? The officer should be there any moment now.
[Jane]:Why are you here?! Why?!
(The sound of a door being violently broken can be heard).
[Unknown Male]:Where are you?!
[Jane]:Just go away! Please! Go away!
[Dispatch]:Jane? Ma’am?
[Jane]:(Incomprehensible screaming).
The line is terminated.
Approximately three minutes after the call with Jane was terminated.
[Officer]:Kolten Twelve, Code 11.
[Dispatch]:Go ahead.
[Officer]:What’s my RP again?
[Dispatch]:Party of Jane Heaster, female, unknown physical and age, address (REDACTED).
[Officer]:And she definitely said she lived at (REDACTED)?
[Officer]:Right, well, it’s as I thought then. There’s nothing here. I’ve had a look through the windows, but the house is derelict. It’s been abandoned longer than I’ve been alive. Heck, I’m pretty sure I had my first kiss here.
[Dispatch]:Okay. Can you Code 13 for a walk-in report?
(Heavy rapping can be heard in the background).
[Officer]:(Distant voice): Hello? Do you need help?
[Officer]:I just saw someone in the window. I think I can hear them screaming. I’m going to break down the door.

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