Loot Mule

Many journeyed the savage lands of the World Tower to seek their fortune. Those that survived were dubbed, “Stalkers”.

In times long past, drunken ballades were sung of Stalkers made famous with riches galore; yet often forgotten was the unsung hero always at their side, whom the Stalker could not adventure without, the Mule. But, time did not pass favourably on Stalkers, and their legend has since eroded away into the pages of myths and fables.

Miners fresh on the shores of Roanoke City have claimed the Drunkard’s Colic as their local watering hole—much to the dismay of the keg-runner, Cooper—who has the delight of servicing their ferocious appetite for cheap, throat-burning ale.

While searching for a moment’s respite away from the swarms of obstreperous patrons, Cooper is greeted by an enigmatic man who offers him a one-time deal: a venture into the World Tower, with the promise of riches galore.