Loot Mule

In the forgotten and ignored district of Roanoke city sits a tavern named, “The Drunkard’s Colic”.

Many miners fresh off the shores of the World Tower have claimed The Drunkard’s Colic as their local watering hole—much to the dismay of the keg runner, Cooper—who has the delight of servicing their obstreperous and ferocious appetite for cheap, throat-burning ale.

It is of a great surprise then, that when Cooper receives a one-time deal from an Ascender to escape his current benign lifestyle… he at first rejects the offer.

But when Roanoke city suddenly erupts into flames and his tavern comes under attack from unknown assailants, Cooper quickly changes his mind; and thus, sets in motion the story of the greatest Mule in history.

Nominated for ‘Best Gamelit Web-serial’

/r/RedditSerials – 2019